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The Story I’ll Tell Lyrics – Maverick City Lyrics

Verse 1:
The hour is dark,
And it’s hard to see,
What you are doin’,
Here in the ruins
And where this will lead,

Oh but I know,
That down through the years,
I’ll look on this moment,
See your hand on it
And know you were here

And I’ll testify of the battles you’ve won
How you were my portion when there wasn’t enough
I’ll sing a song of the seas that we crossed
The waters you parted
The waves that I walked

Oh Oh Oh My God did not fail
Oh Oh Oh it’s the story I’ll tell
Oh Oh Oh I know it is well
Oh Oh Oh is the story I’ll tell

Verse 2:
Believing gets hard
When options are few
When I can’t see how you’re moving
I know that you’re proving
You’re the God that comes through

Oh but I know
That over the years,
I’ll look back on this moment
And see your hand on it
And know You were here

All that is left is highest praises
So sing hallelujah to the Rock of Ages

Song by Maverick City Music Feat. Naomi Raine

Writers: Naomi Raine, Alton Eugene, and Benji Cowart


Bible Verse of the Day

Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

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