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Awesome Gospel: The Church of Christ, Approved by God

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1. We are concerned with the genuine. Ask any Coke drinker if “New” Coke will do. We want the Real Thing, the genuine article.

2. Of all the religions on the earth one is real, approved by the Almighty.

3. How do we weed out the pretenders and the counterfeits?

4. If we want to know whether something is authorized, commended or approved by God we should look for an event. Something that happened in space and time that shows that God approves.

5. Tonight we’re going to show how God showed approved before the church and then we’re going to see how God placed His stamp of approval on the church of Christ.



1. God had instructed Moses in the building of the tabernacle and in the instituting of the priesthood.

2. After the tabernacle was built according to the pattern after the priests were anointed and dressed, after the sacrifice was laid out…

3. God’s glory appeared and fire devoured the sacrifice.

4. This was an event that could be looked to in later times to show God’s approval.

5. Aaron’s rod budded.

1) Num. 16 records the controversy over the priesthood by Korah, Dathan, and Abiram.

2) God reconfirmed the priesthood of Aaron by two means:

a. By destroying Korah, Dathan and Abiram.

b. By causing Aaron’s rod to bud, Num. 17:8. None of the other rods budded.


1. David had long desired to build a house for God but God did not allow, 1 Chr. 28:1-3.

2. David had prepared for it, 1 Chr. 22:14-16.

3. It fell to Solomon to build, 2 Chr. 2-4.

4. How did anybody know for sure that God would approve their worship here?

5. How would the priests know that the temple is now where they would serve?

6. He left no doubt, 2 Chr. 7:1-3.


1. The worship of Baal was dominating Israel during the time of Ahab and Jezebel.

2. The people were becoming convinced that Baal was God and his prophets were his spokesmen.

3. Elijah steps in and challenges, “Call down fire.”

4. The effect of this would be to win back the people, show who was God, and who was fraud.

5. Is Jehovah God? Is Elijah His prophet?

6. Jehovah leaves no doubt, 1 Kings 18:36-38.


1. The argument is this, would God work miracles through a liar, a deceiver?

2. God worked miracles through Him proving Jesus’ words to be true.

3. He raised the dead, stilled the winds and sea, fed multitudes, the blind saw, the deaf heard, demons fled.

4. John testified, John 20:30-31; 21:35.

5. Peter testified, Acts 2:22. Approved of God.


1. How do you know that your worship is approved of God?

2. Is the church of Christ approved by God?

3. It is the ONLY approved way. We know because of signs and wonders.

1) Day of Pentecost

a. Approved by SOUND, Acts 2:2.

b. Approved by the appearance of FIRE, Acts 2:3.

c. Approved by the speaking with TONGUES, Acts 2:4. Confounded, v. 6, amazed, v. 12.

d. They SAW and HEARD, v. 33.

2) Signs were done by the apostles.

a. The lame walked, Acts 3:1-11; 4:16 (Notable miracle).

b. Place shaken at prayer for boldness, Acts 4:31.

c. Ananias and Sapphira, Acts 5:1-11.

d. Healing by Peter’s shadow. Acts 5:15-16. They were healed, EVERY ONE.

e. Released from prison, Acts 5:19-23.

f. Stephen worked miracles, Acts 6:8.

g. Face of an angel, Acts 6:15.

h. Philip worked miracles, Acts 8:6-7. Great joy.

i. Jesus appeared to Saul, Acts 9:3-9.


1. Many contend that the church of Christ is not God’s church because they don’t agree with the doctrines.

2. The doctrines, the men who gave them and the institution itself has been shown to be approved by God.

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